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Cbd flower

With the widespread legalization of cannabis, the marijuana market is booming!

In a short time, the industry has grown from a few small, hidden dispensaries to more than can be countedWhen you hear the word CBD, an extract is usually the first thing that comes to mindHowever, did you know that the highest concentration of CBD is actually found in the CBD hemp flower?

Cannabidiol or CBD is the active ingredient in hemp flowers which gives them their amazing medicinal benefitsOver the years, you have undoubtedly heard wonderful claims about the effects of cannabis, touted by its users.Whether it's treating acne, relieving anxiety, depression, arthritis, inflammation, muscle spasms, nausea and even nerve pain, CBD works wonders to help you get very effective relief without the need for expensive and potentially harmful drugs.

Buying the right CBD-rich hemp flowers for yourself is a relatively simple businessIn general, you will discover a beautiful variety through a friend, or we will recommend it to you in your local dispensary.But to give you an extra boost in finding the perfect strain for you, let's take a look at some of the best hemp flower companies and brands in the industry and compare some of their fundamental differences.

The best hemp flower companies in 2020

1) Botany of the cheef

Cheef Botanicals was originally developed by a handful of health-conscious hemp loversThe brand was created with one main mission in mind:to provide pure and 100% organic cannabisTogether, they have more than 20 years of experience in the sectorIn addition to their expertise, each of the founders comes from the food and beverage industry, which gives them a cutting edge advantage.

The result of their combined knowledge and effort is a distinctive line of exquisite organic CBD products, including some of the best hemp flowers in existence.Their products only contain vegan ingredients, cruelty free, without any of these bad artificial flavors or colors.

It seems that Cheef Botanicals' mission is to spread the truth about the powerful effects of cannabisThey send a strong message by educating people about the dangers of pharmaceutical drugs and how they can use CBD to relieve many of their symptoms in a much more natural and effective way.

Cheef Botanicals Premium CBD Hemp Flower

The flower of Cheef Botanicals CBD comes from the hemp plant and not from the marijuana plantThis means that it only contains 0.3% THC or less and, ultimately, despite the misconceptions circulating, it will not make you hoverWhen you buy CBD-rich hemp flower, you notice that most CBD flower companies offer two different categories, biomass and premium.

A premium flower means that even if it is not the same massive size as its competitor, it produces the best quality and the greatest power.At Cheef Botanicals, all CBD hemp flowers are top quality, which means you'll probably get what you pay for.Cheef Botanicals currently offers three different CBD hemp flowers and its cannabinoid cousin, the CBG flower.

CBD hemp flower - Hawaiian Haze

Don't be fooled by the name; this delicious hemp flower has a beautiful tropical/citrus aroma with soft, earthy undertonesIts 18% CBD content is perfect for relieving your daily aches and pains and is excellent for your favorite summer meetings.

CBD hemp flower - Lifter

One of the best products on their menu is, by far, the LifterThis CBD hemp flower has a delicate sweet and sour scent that will bring you a feeling of calmThe sweet and sour comes from its notes of red pine wood in combination with lemon zestPleasing your taste buds in this creamy blend, you will get the CBD experience you are looking forThis strain is surprisingly energizing and tranquil at the same time.

CBD hemp flower - Sour Space Candy

It is by far the most powerful CBD hemp flower strain available at Cheef BotanicalsThe Sour Space Candy variety has a unique hybrid taste that blends the same nuances as Sour Tsunami and Early Resin BerrySour Space Candy is known for its ability to improve mood, reduce stress and give you better ability to concentrate.

Hemp flower - CBG

It should be mentioned that Cannabigerol is a close cousin of CBD and that it is very promising in the world of cannabinoids.Just like CBD, it won't get you high, but it has many benefitsThe reason this strain is on the list is that there aren't many medicinal hemp flower companies selling dominant strains of CBG at the momentThis is an example of how Cheef Botanicals stays ahead of the game to give customers the relief they need without confusing them with the intoxicating effects of THC.

2) Tweedle farms
Tweedle farms is a small hemp farm oriented"mom and dad"by the CBDTheir terpene and CBD-rich flowers are processed to produce some of the purest, CBD-rich products on the marketTheir high quality hemp flowers are mainly used to create vape cartridges and other oil-based extractsBut if you can't find them, you'll also find raw organic hemp flowers.

But their strains are not just CBDBy browsing the Tweedle farms online store and entering their flowers section, you will immediately notice that they don't just say CBD, but CBDaBefore CBD becomes its final form, it begins as a precursor called CBDa, or cannabidiolic acidCBDa is known to have the same benefits as CBD, but does not directly bind to cannabinoid receptorsAs Tweedle farms offer an incredibly diverse selection of hemp flowers, we will take a close look at their best sellers.

Special sauce - CBDa

Do you know the plant called hops, one of the key ingredients in beer? Special Sauce is a hop flavored variety with a hint of berries and a subtly earthy tasteAccording to the laboratory report associated with this strain, it contains 19.66% CBDa and 0.02% CBD, and it undoubtedly has all the great characteristics you are looking for in a large hemp flower.

Umpqua - CBDa

The umpqua is known both for its pungent fragrance and for its general aesthetic appearance as a flowerYou could describe its taste and fragrance as slightly spicy, and it gives off a concentrated scent of gas, pine and citrusThis strain contains 16.88% CBDa and 0.05% THCAt 16.88%, it's a perfect level of CBDa for anyone starting out with the hemp flower.

4 Mystery sample of the strain

If you're not sure what you want to buy from Tweedle farms, you can try their four-strain mystery samplerEach strain will be predominantly CBDa and the sampler should only include strains that have been sold in the past two months, so you can get a good trial with each variant of flower they carry.

3) Berkshire CBD
Berkshire CBD is a brand that is certainly very passionate about hemp flowers! To give you an idea of why Berkshire is one of the coolest oil companies in CBD, they have a step by step guide on how they grow and care for their hemp.Starting with a daily and weekly cut, followed by a 60-day drying phase and a drying cycle, they want you to know that they are definitely targeting quality with each batch.

I must say that the Berkshire CBD is an incredibly user-friendly websiteSome CBD retailers care more about their brand image, but their stores are hard to navigateAt Berkshire, everything is done to make your selection of CBD hemp flowers a smooth and comfortable shopping experienceJust scroll down to find Berkshire products, customer reviews, and information.

White rabbit - CBD

White Rabbit is the current promotional flower for CBD in BerkshireIt has a slightly lemony scent and tasteIts effects are energizing and stimulating, making it a fantastic daytime varietyIts CBD concentration is 16.6% and THC 0.25%.

Rest - CBD

With Rest, you are guaranteed a relaxing tension that will help you rest and recharge at the end of the dayIt is rich in myrcene and borneol, essential oils of cannabisWhen you are ready to settle in for the evening, this 14.06% CBD strain will help you to get rid of your worries and unhappiness.

Joy - CBD

Need a boost for your mood? Brighten up your day with this deliciously earthy, pine-scented varietyAlthough it does not make you hover, you can expect a slight feeling of euphoria and enjoy your day more after tasting the joyIts CBD content is 14.1% and its effects are surprisingly pleasant.

4) Secret Nature CBD
Secret Nature CBD is incredibly in demand, so get their CBD hemp flowers before they go! They grow and process all of their CBD organic hemp using sustainable farming techniques, which are controlled by the environment to maximize the growth potential and potency of the plantThus, the final product gives superior strains of flowers rich in CBD, which allows you to feel all the effects.

Cherry cough - CBD

Sweet red cherries are central to the aroma and accents of Cough of Cherries, with slight notes of gas in betweenThis strain is an excellent end-of-day stress reliever for when you're ready to take your shoes off and enjoy your eveningIt contains a total of 16.9% CBD and its THC level is almost undetectable.

Shoemaker n ° 5 - CBD

The name Cobbler # 5 comes from its unique aroma, resembling a hot and sweet peach cobbler and its crustIn addition to its pastry smell, it is a stimulating strain that does not contain THC and a total of 17.04% CBD.

Diesel Puff - CBD

Diesel Puff - CBD

This strain is accompanied by one of the most exciting odor mixturesThe first layer of its smell is that of gaseous diesel and earth, while the other half of its profile is that of lemon-lemonWith a total of 19.7% CBD, you will find yourself incredibly focused and lucid.

5) Jane simply
Plain Jane has exploited a niche that we find very interestingWhat they've managed to do is make their CBD hemp flower almost odorless by the time it's grown and cared forAs a result, Plain Jane built their brand on their wide assortment of pre-rolled CBD flower joints, where you can enjoy inhaling Plain Jane on the go, without the usual smell of cannabis.

So if discretion is what you need - Plain Jane's hemp pre-rolls will suit you perfectlyThey are designed to look like cigarettes, which no one will notice or consider the fact that they may be CBD hemp flowers.

Hemp flower and marijuana - what's the difference?

When you buy hemp flower, you need to be able to tell the difference between hemp flower and marijuanaThe legal variety of hemp flower contains only 0.2% THC and as much CBD as the plant can produceMarijuana, on the other hand, often contains more THC, which, if you are looking for medicinal benefits and not a state of euphoria, you will want to avoid its intoxicating effects.

Is the CBD flower legal?

Since CBD hemp and flower are closely related to marijuana, one has led to the other being bannedThe recreational marijuana flower is rich in"intoxicating"cannabinoids, while the CBD hemp flower is notNew legislation says cannabis containing less than 0.2% THC is considered hempPreviously, under federal law, hemp and CBD were on the Schedule I drug listInstead, they are now classified as"standard agricultural products"With this change in legal classification, you are free to grow, transport, sell, buy or own hemp.

Will smoking a CBD flower make you soar?

Smoking a CBD flower won't make you feel high, although it can cheer you up, it doesn't exactly give you the harsh effect of THC.

Will hemp flower be detected during a drug test?
In short, yesAlthough hemp flowers contain only 0.3% THC or less, THC can still be detected during a drug test, especially in hair follicles or low threshold urine tests.

Finding the best premium CBD flower for sale
Finding the best high-quality CBD flower can be a difficult and confusing experience for many people.Today we looked at 5 incredible brands with an assortment of hemp flower varieties that are sure to impress.

I would give Cheef Botanicals first place for its variety of top quality CBD hemp flower productsCBD hemp provides enough THC to produce"synergistic effects", which can help relieve stress, anxiety and pain.

They offer 4 hemp flowers, including Hawaiian Haze, CBG, Super Space Candy and LifterAnd they also have a host of other great products, like CBD edibles, capsules, tropical products, and much more.

It is a great solution if you are looking for a non-smoking experience and prefer internal digestion.

All of their products are lab tested by third parties, so you can be sure the THC percentages are accurate and their strains will not give you any intoxicating effect.

As they grow their own CBD hemp, you are guaranteed that each of their products contains all-natural, plant-based ingredients.

And if you don't, unlike many other brands, they offer a 30-day money back guarantee - so there's really no risk in buying from Cheef Botanicals.

Plain Jane's hemp flower pre-rolls come right afterHaving the luxury of taking a puff without drawing attention to yourself is a luxury that other hemp flower companies should take note of.

Overall, you should always use the product that works best for youAlways talk to your doctor if you intend to use CBD instead of a pharmaceutical drug.